Xbox Series S Officially Released November 10, 2020

What has been rumored since last June is apparently true. Besides the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has also prepared a more affordable alternative console. Its existence was finally confirmed by Microsoft itself. As previously thought, they named the device Xbox Series S.

As we can see in the image above, the thin shape looks more like the Xbox One series than the X Series, and the device can also be positioned horizontally if you see the orientation of the Xbox logo on it. Microsoft says the Series S is the tiniest Xbox they’ve ever built, at nearly 60% more volume than the Series X.

Unlike the X Series, the S Series has absolutely no optical drive, which means that all content can only be obtained digitally. The performance is also not as fast as the X Series, but Microsoft still categorizes it as “next-gen”. Specifically, the S Series is ready to run games at a resolution of 1440p 120 fps.

Several complementary features, such as DirectX Raytracing support, Variable Rate Shading, and Variable Refresh Rate, are also available on the S Series. If you really insist on playing in 4K resolution, the S Series can make it happen but via upscaling techniques. Outside of gaming, the S Series is ready to stream video in 4K resolution.

Apart from the inferior graphics performance, the S Series has inherited many of the new technologies that its older brothers had. An embedded SSD, for example, uses the same fast NVMe interface, it’s just that its capacity is downgraded to 512 GB instead of 1 TB. Game loading is certainly much faster than before, and the Quick Resume feature like that offered by the X Series can also be realized here.

But the main theme raised by the Series S is how it can be reached by more people, and that Microsoft made it happen by only pricing it for $ 299. The Xbox Series X on the other hand doesn’t have an official price yet, but Windows Central reports a price tag of $ 499.

In the United States, Microsoft will market the Xbox Series S starting November 10. Series X is also reportedly going to go on sale on the same day.

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