Windows 10 Screen Recording With Xbox Game Bar

For gaming content creators, recording and capturing images from the gameplay of a game is the main selling power because it can be shared on social media and attracts many people. Generally, one way to be able to record a screen that is being used to play games is to use a third-party program or software that must be installed first.

But now, Windows 10 users can do the same thing without the need to install additional software, but simply by using the Xbox Game Bar feature that is automatically installed. Xbox Game Bar is designed integrated for Windows 10 so users can record videos and capture screens when playing PC games faster.

The trick is also quite easy, when playing games, press the Windows logo key + G on the keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar. You can also access it by pressing the Xbox button on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One console controller that is connected to the PC.

For details, here is how to use Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 to record videos and capture screens when playing games on a PC.

  • Press the Windows logo key + G on the keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar
  • Click the Overlay menu, then select Capture
  • In the Capture menu, the options for Start Recording, Take Screenshot and Record Last will appear
  • Click the round icon to record video, then click the square icon to stop recording
  • Click the camera icon to capture the image on the screen
  • Last Record is an option that can be changed to record the last video in a self-determined duration
  • Find the recording and image capture by opening the Game Bar, then clicking the Overlay menu and selecting Gallery.

Make sure you enable “Record in the background while I am playing a game” by accessing Windows Settings> Gaming> Captures, when you want to capture the screen or record the last video.

Here are some access keys that can make it easier for you to record video and capture images on the screen without the need to open the Game Bar.

  • Windows Logo Key + Alt + G, to record the last video that has been set in duration
  • Windows Logo Key + Alt + R, to start and stop video recording as a whole
  • Windows Logo Key + Alt + PrtScn, to capture game images on the screen.

Good luck and have fun!

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