Using Keyboard and Mouse on Battle Royale Game

Many battle royale games are increasingly in demand by mobile gamers. A survival and exploration style game that requires players to survive by scavenging weapons and other supporting items so that no enemy who survives does have its own charm to play.

Battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Rules Of Survival are similar types of games that are crowded with players. With a wide enough map coverage for 100 users in one game, excitement such as shooting fights against enemy squads, fighting strategies to ambush, armaments to make it easier to win during a shootout and others can not be avoided by each gamer who is in in this game.

Unlike Mobile Legends or other MOBA games where the focus is on destroying towers to the enemy base by relying on the skills of each hero, the battle royale game like PUBG Mobile looks more difficult because of the size of the map, the number of players, weapons, and navigation are quite complex and requires the agility of the fingers and strong instinct to master the game.

Compared to the shooter genre games that are either FPS or TPS on the PC, the mobile version of the battle royale game is quite difficult to play because the control system only uses a smartphone touchscreen. What makes it quite severe to operate is sometimes when the temperature of the cell phone rises more than 40 degrees Celsius, the Android screen will be hot and not as responsive when the smartphone is cold. Instead of wanting to win the game, you are even more uncomfortable due to the heat of the screen and also the sweating of your fingers as the game progresses.

There are now many options to make it easier for users to play games on an Android smartphone. One of them by using peripherals such as gamepad or can also use a computer mouse and keyboard. By using this kind of enhancement you can be sure you will be more adept at playing shooting games such as PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival, Free Fire Battlegrounds and so on.

If asked whether this method is prohibited, the answer is no because we do not commit fraud such as using cheats or mods that can make a game unfair. Using enhancements such as a mouse and keyboard aims to facilitate navigation and aim at the player.

By using the peripherals that have been mentioned above is also not a guarantee the user can win the match. Expertise and foresight of players remain priority even though it has been assisted by such additional tools.

Is it if we play PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival, Free Fire Battlegrounds, Knives Out and others using a mouse and keyboard then our enemy is also a player who uses similar peripherals? Does not seem. So far there are only two types of server versions available, namely mobile and PC. Even though we use additional tools on Android, the enemies we face are still enemies who play on Android / mobile smartphones. Unlike the Rules of Survival that are available in the Windows version, all the players there are all PC players.

The following are some of the things needed to use additional equipment such as a mouse and keyboard on an Android smartphone:

USB On-The-Go aka OTG for connecting peripherals with cellphones. Make sure your Android smartphone supports USB OTG. If not, then this tool will not work

A wireless mouse and keyboard with one receiver. Previously I have tried using a wired mouse and wired keyboard and then connected using a USB Hub. The result, the Motorola Moto G5S Plus that I use is not able to read the two devices, maybe because the current is not strong enough. If it’s just a wired mouse or wired keyboard, you can. For this reason, it is recommended to use a wireless mouse and keyboard that only has one receiver such as Logitech MK220 or Digigear WK101. For other brands, as long as the mouse and keyboard receivers are one, it’s likely to work

The latest Octopus v3.6.0 application for keymapping games that we will play. This application does not require root privileges, so you don’t need to hesitate to try the application because the installation and configuration process is easy. Download the Octopus v4.2.8 application here then install it on your Android smartphone

OctActiveTool v1.2.0 for activation of advanced mode to be able to use a 360 degree mouse without the need to press left click to shift the view. For those of you who have rooting, you can skip this activation step. For those of you who haven’t rooting yet, download OctActiveTool v1.2.0 here then extract it on your computer or laptop.

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