Try These Engines To Create Your Own Video Games

You may have ideas for a cool video game that many people can enjoy. However, turning game ideas into tangible products is certainly not an easy process and often takes a long time. Where this often makes us confused where to start.

Previously, I have provided a few suggestions and insights on what are actually good things to do when you want to make video games. One of them is looking for a game creation engine that can be used as a learning medium as well.

Therefore, here are some game development engines that you can use for free.


  1. Solar2D

Previously named Corona SDK. Solar2D is an engine that is focused on 2D game development. Often used by various developers to make rapid prototyping to cross-platform development.

Solar2D is also a fairly user-friendly engine, and has an active community that always guides interested people in learning programming within the scope of video games. Solar2D also has a marketplace and publishing services if you want to promote and sell the games you make.


  1. Defold

Still talking about an engine that is focused on 2D game development, Defold is marketed as the best engine in presenting browser and mobile games. Defold also has features such as Version Control and Team Management to facilitate the development process.

Defold presents a series of tutorials that are quite easy to follow, where you will learn basic to intermediate things, such as creating a platformer game from scratch. More than 40,000 developers who are active in the community are also always helping you through the Defold forum.


  1. Godot

Although it is widely used for 2D game development, Godot is also often used for 3D game development, especially since version 3.0 appeared, which presents various new features that can compete with more modern engines.

Godot is also often said to be the engine with the best scene and node systems, which can help you present a more organized series of programming code. There are also tools for creating animations and a scripting editor that simplifies the game creation process.


  1. Armory

Armory is one of the best choices if you want to present 3D games. It is fully integrated with the Blender software, where you can also learn to create 3D assets and import them easily into Armory.

Even though developing games in Armory requires more programming knowledge, its integration with Blender, which is full of open-source 3D assets, might lighten the visual aspects of the games you create a little.


  1. GameSalad

If you really want to learn programming within the scope of video games from scratch, then GameSalad can be an alternative. Those of you who have no knowledge of coding will actually be guided from within this engine, one of which is the basic principle of behavior.

It should be noted that GameSalad itself is a simple engine focused on a learning medium. So those of you who have game ideas with complex mechanisms may be difficult to realize with this engine.


  1. Unreal Engine 4

Who doesn’t know the two engines that you often see on the splash screen of today’s games? Unity and Unreal Engine 4 are arguably the engines used by various developers, from the small ones to the big developers who present AAA games every year.

A very active community and so many open-source assets that you can take advantage of are certainly an engine that can be used for those of you who are just learning. Even though making games on both engines is free, you need to buy a license if you want to sell or have gotten a certain amount of profit from the game.

Those are some game creation engines that you can use for free, especially if it’s your first time into the world of video game creation. If you know of other engines that are no less good than what I listed above, just let me know in the comments below!

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