SteelSeries Releases Three Low Cost Gaming Gear

In choosing gaming gear, everyone does have their own brand preferences. But now more and more consumers understand that each brand has power: there are those who provide the most choices, the best quality at affordable prices, to whatever names control the high-end line. In this class we can find a unique design device with advanced features.


Even so, the entry-level segment would certainly remain the backbone of business despite the intense competition there. In order to make their offerings more attractive, manufacturers reduce a number of premium features to affordable products. This is the strategy of SteelSeries in introducing the three new peripherals. These devices are prepared as the first gaming gear for those who are just starting to seriously work on gaming products.


The three new SteelSeries products include a mouse called Rival 3 and two keyboards, namely Apex 3 and Apex 5.

Rival 3

Rival 3 is a gaming specialist mouse with a symmetrical design typical of SteelSeries. However, it is designed to be used on the right hand because the thumb button is positioned on the left side. Its body structure is made of ‘premium material’, and in order to enhance its appearance, SteelSeries does not forget to put a three-zone RGB LED lighting system on the logo and striping at the bottom.

The mouse presents a total of six buttons that hold mechanical switches with a durability of up to 60 million press times. In this price range, switches usually only hold up to 10 or 20 million press times. Furthermore, Rival 3 utilizes a TrueMove Core optical sensor with a DPI sensitivity of 100 to 8,500, and reportedly is equipped with the ability to track 1: 1 in translating hand movements to the screen.

Apex 3

Apex 3 is the most affordable affordable keyboard that SteelSeries has. The reason is the use of IP32 certified waterproof structures so that it does not break immediately when you accidentally spill a drink while playing. Apex 3 offers a full-size layout with a numerical pad, equipped with a magnetic wrist rest, and is ready to liven up your gaming activities with the 10-zone RGB LED color dance.

Apex 3 still uses a type of rubber switch. But SteelSeries doesn’t want it to be the same as ordinary membrane switches: keyboards can still work normally up to 20 million times the press. In addition, the keyboard has anti-ghosting features, a series of dedicated multimedia keys, and supported by three-way routing cable.

Apex 5

Apex 5 is mixed to strengthen the midline of the SteelSeries keyboard and presents a significant upgrade from Apex 3. The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum, then there is an OLED screen in the upper right area to display profiles, game info to Discord notifications. The backlight system is even more sophisticated, Apex 5 utilizes RGB LED per-key which allows us to customize the lighting for each key. And of course, SteelSeries also provided him with a magnetic wrist rest.

The heart of Apex 5 is the hybrid switch made by SteelSeries itself. This switch still uses a rubber membrane as its base, combined with a mechanical structure so that each pressure on the button gives a clicky sensation in the style of Cherry MX Blue. Hybrid switches are also promised to last longer than membrane variants with durability up to 20 million times the press.

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