Setup Your Gaming Room

Having a gaming room at home is the dream of all gamers. After leaving school or working, of course the first thing you want to do is release stress. Playing games is certainly one of the activities that can release fatigue. However, there are still many people who play games outdoors rather than creating their own game room.

Therefore, this is the time for you to make your own man cave at home. Here are some tips for making a real gaming space.

1. Large Fitting Room

The size of the room affects the gaming experience. If it is too large, there will be a lot of unallocated space. Whereas if it’s too narrow, even playing games will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choose a large room that can cover all needs. Also, don’t forget to leave a little more space so you can play with friends or family.


2. Professional Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers are one of the important elements for the best gaming experience. Because the loud sound effects can make us more excited. If the speaker cable feels messy the room, you can choose the speaker with the Bluetooth feature.

3. Gaming Chair for Maximum Comfort

Sometimes people can forget the time when playing games. For this reason, a good chair is needed so that you can stay comfortable playing the game for a long time. Sometimes, some people don’t care about this because of several factors such as the high gaming chair. In fact, an uncomfortable chair can cause problems for the backbone.

4. Soundproof Room

If you have purchased the most fierce loudspeakers, of course you have to make the gaming room soundproof. The reason is, many people will feel disturbed when you have fun alone.

If soundproofing equipment is considered expensive, you can outsmart it with decorations that can make the room soundproof. One problem that is often faced by gamers is to make the room look neat and comfortable. Almost every electronic equipment has cables and a special game room, of course, has more cables than normal space.

Therefore, you must get around this by doing cable management. If you are confused about getting started, you can learn simple cable management tricks from the internet.

5. TV or Projector

One of these two devices is indispensable for the maximum gaming experience. Playing sports games like FIFA or PES is certainly more fun done on a big screen. In addition, this room can also be used as an entertainment room that can be used to watch movies. Therefore, do not let you forget one of these important elements.

6. RGB accent

If you claim to be a gamer of course you are no stranger to RGB. Almost every gaming equipment now, starting from the smallest computer devices such as RAM, is equipped with RGB lights. Besides making the room look more aesthetic, you can also adjust the lights according to your mood. You can buy LED strips whose colors you can change at will from the internet.

What do you think of this gaming setup? Playing android games on Bluestacks also requires this setting.

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