Scimitar RGB Elite – Gaming Mouse from Corsair

Razer has a Dragon, Corsair has a Scimitar. Both are gaming mouse series that are quite popular among MOBA and MMO players. The reason is none other than the dozens of buttons on the left that make them resemble a calculator, and this factor is precisely the main consideration of its consumers.

Three years after releasing Scimitar Pro RGB, Corsair has now launched Scimitar RGB Elite as its successor. As we can see, both the shape and design are almost identical. I say almost because there are a few changes that make Elite lighter (122 grams) than Pro (147 grams), not including the cable.

But the biggest change lies in the optical sensor. Elite packs a PixArt PMW3391 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 18,000 DPI and tracking speeds of up to 400 inches per second. The difference is that there isn’t much considering that the Pro packs a 16,000 DPI sensor, but still Elite is superior on paper.

Also different is the Omron switch that is embedded behind the left and right buttons, which are claimed to be more resilient because it can hold up to 50 million clicks (Pro’s only up to 20 million clicks). The rest, Elite still maintains all the advantages of Pro, including of course a total of 17 buttons that can be programmed as needed.

12 side buttons can also still be shifted its position so that users can release it with their respective thumbs. The layout itself is still the exact same, and the right side is also still coated in a coarse-textured rubber that is very comfortable as a place to rest the ring finger and little finger.

In the United States, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite has now been marketed for $ 80, exactly the same as the selling price of its predecessor when it was first released.

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