Puzzle Game Let You Study Your Logic

Usually, when you’re bored, most people will choose to let go of boredom by playing games. Now, in addition to spending free time and also eliminate boredom, it turns out there is also a game or game that provides a positive impact to make us smarter. As one of them puzzle games that will be discussed in this article.

Puzzle game as we know it is a game of arranging pieces of the picture that will later become a complete picture. It is also said that this game is able to increase intelligence for those who play it. Of course, it is also very beneficial, especially for children’s development.

Does anyone like the type of game that sharpens brain dexterity? If there is, then this time we have a recommendation of the 5 best puzzle games that can be played on your Android device. What are these games?

  1. The Room

The first puzzle game that we recommend is The Room. This type of puzzle game is very interesting to play because players have to solve the puzzle in a way that is not easy. There are instructions to solve the puzzle, but the instructions are not easy to get. In addition, this game is also equipped with a slick visual display so that players will not get bored easily.

  1. Osmos HD

This game called Osmos HD takes a galaxy theme for its visual appearance. Players will be in the world called Darwinian and to survive must absorb organisms that are small in size in order to develop. But players must also be careful of predators. Basically this Osmos HD game is a game that combines physics and the ability to survive. Fun again, this game carries a slick starry galaxy theme with a background of electronic nuances of sound so that players can feel comfortable when playing.

  1. Monument Valley

The next puzzle game that we recommend is Monument Valley. Players must manipulate an architecture that seems impossible to guide a princess through mysterious monuments, hidden paths, through optical illusions, essentially through worlds and amazing places.

  1. Little Inferno

Little Inferno is an indie game. Although indie, but this game turned out to get awards that are not small, reaching 5 awards, and even this game has sold more than 1 million copies. Intrigued by the Little Inferno game? If so, you can buy it at Google Play Store.

  1. Duet

The last puzzle game that we recommend is Duet. This game is actually very simple, where the player only has to control two red and blue balls so that they are always synchronized and try not to hit the obstacle. Duet Game consists of 8 chapters and is equipped with hypnotizing audio so that players are always entertained when playing this game.


Thus the recommendations regarding this puzzle game. It turns out that a game that looks simple like this is able to provide a variety of benefits for adults and for children. And it turns out that this puzzle game is also a game that has been found a long time ago, namely in 1766. If you feel too bored with the puzzles, that’s all, you can try to play puzzle games like some of the examples mentioned earlier. Have a try.

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