PUBG Mobile Sensivity Guide Global

Sensitivity is a setting that has an important influence on the game. If you have a good sensitivity setting, your game will run more smoothly. Well today we want to guide you to make the best sensitivity settings on PUBG Mobile! Learn the guidelines below.

A Glimpse of Sensitivity

Before entering the best settings, let’s talk about sensitivity in PUBG Mobile. You might hear it often, but what is sensitivity? Sensitivity at PUBG Mobile has a close relationship with how you control the distance from your touch on the screen. This means that when you touch the screen, your camera will also follow the touch.

Now the higher the sensitivity, the faster your screen will follow the touch you do. That’s why this is very important when you shoot, because your shots can be faster or slower depending on this setting.

In PUBG Mobile there are a lot of sensitivity settings that you can change so people might be a little confused when they want to change something in this settings menu.

Therefore in the next section we will provide ways to change the settings and also the best settings for you to use!

How to Change Sensitivity

There are 2 ways to change the second PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting, requiring you to go to the PUBG Mobile game settings menu. The first way is through the lobby there is a gear icon that you can touch to enter the settings menu. This gear is in the lower right of the screen.

The second way is to enter the settings menu when the game has started. You can enter by touching the gear icon on the top right near the minimap.

After entering the settings menu, go to the section called Sensitivity. Now in this section menu you can adjust all the sensitivity when in the game.

The Best Setting Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile

In the Sensitivity menu there are 4 choices that you can choose to adjust the overall sensitivity. Namely Low, Medium, High, and Customize. At first choose the overall setting High! Why is it High sensitivity? Because we need speed to play PUBG Mobile. If our character’s views move slowly it will be difficult to fight enemies who are always on the move and you will definitely be hard to aim at them.

After that, adjust the first part of sensitivity, which is Camera Sensitivity (Free Look) like the picture above! The whole setting will change to customize when you adjust this setting and that is normal. This free look is useful if you are using a third person camera.

Then down again to the next part, namely Camera. Adjust the camera according to the settings above. This part is very important for sensitivity when you use weapons or not using weapons. Now if you have followed both of these settings. You can leave the sensitivity settings like ADS and Gyroscope alone.

Surely now you will see a significant difference after trying the two best settings. Movement of your character will be easier and can do agile movements like zig – zag without the need to slide your finger too far.

In addition, when shooting you can also see your thumbs need to move far too to aim so that your shots will be faster to be directed to the enemy!

That’s all for our guide today about the Best Sensitivity Settings at PUBG Mobile! What do you think? Has there been any progress in your battle against other people using this setting? Share this article if you like it.

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