Pokemon Go Has New Features To Help Players During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The spread of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has made governments around the world appeal to their citizens to reduce activities outside the home. In response to this, the Pokemon Go game makes changes so it can be played at home.

Pokemon Go is actually an Augmented Reality (AR) based game that requires players to leave the house to catch Pokemon. The developer of the Pokemon Go game, Niantic has to make big changes in the game mechanism.

One change is to increase the Pokemon habitat so that players can still catch Pokemon from home without having to leave the house. Niantic also provides ‘incense’ items that will make Pokemon approach players, not players who come to Pokemon. This item will be valid for one hour.

In fact, players must spend money to use incense items. To encourage the use of incense so that players can stay at home, Niantic offers a 99 percent discount.

Not only that, Niantic also makes the Pokemon egg hatching mechanism easier. Previously users had to walk several kilometers for eggs to hatch. This time, the number is reduced by half.

“Players can hatch eggs twice as fast,” said Niantic.

Niantic did not announce how long this change would take effect. Niantic only said that Pokemon Go will have the mechanism until further notice. Further notice can be assumed to last until the corona virus ends.

Reporting from Business Insider, Niantic also canceled several major events. The event which is regularly held once a month, Community Day has been canceled. Community Day is an event where players have a high chance of capturing the rare Abra Pokemon.

In addition to responding to the current pandemic, Niantic as the developer of the game has made several adjustments to help its players maintain social distancing and continue to enjoy the game. This time Niantic made a structural change to the game that is likely to be permanent, which makes it easier for players to get PokeCoin, a special currency that you can spend with useful items and of course you will get it for free.

Previously, PokeCoin can only be obtained when you keep your Gym, so that means you have to get the Gym first and keep it for 1 hour. apart from the Gym we can also get it from daily missions which when completed will get some PokeCoin as a reward.

In carrying out their daily tasks is not so difficult, such as evolving Pokemon, doing “Nice” when throwing pokeballs, or taking photos on your favorite Pokemon. Even more difficult quests are like winning raid, when players complete the quest they will get a PokeCoin of 5 coins, and the maximum “stamp” of the daily coins goes up to 55.

While testing this new feature will only be in Australia, it will not be in other countries, after that Niantic will wait for feedback from testers who have tried the new feature, Niantic will release an update of this new feature related to PokeCoin for everyone. While there has been no announcement for the specific date and time regarding when this feature will be released globally later. But you can use the android mod here to get PokeCoins. There is also a mod for Pokemon Go.

There are still a lot of Pokemon Go fan bases even though the game isn’t as popular as it used to be. Recent analyst estimates, the game generated US $ 900 million in revenue from purchases in the game in 2019.

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