PlayStation Region Code Explanation

Users who just have a PS4 will certainly be confused about this, there must be a lot of questions about what is this region code? How important is this region code? Why is region code always discussed in forums, okay I will try to explain as brief and clear as possible.

First of all the region code is divided into 6:

Region 1: The distribution area of ​​America (US)

Region 2: European distribution area (EU)

Region 2 CERO: Japan distribution area (JP)

Region 3: Asia distribution region (ID)

Region 4: Australian distribution region (AU)

Region All: This region is usually tied to one of the regions above, we can usually check it from the symbol rate used.

So in simple terms, the region code is the code for division of the sales distribution area, now what is the Region code? PS4 machine, PlayStation Network (PSN) ID, Blu-ray Games. Let’s discuss them one by one :

– Region on PS4 machine

So, friends are definitely curious about what region of our PS4 is? how to check it, you can check it in the book box, the specifications look for the writing in front of the CUH-xxxx example: CUH-1006A

Explanation of code CUH-10 06 A

CUH – This is the PS4 Fat / PS4 Pro / Slim Retail engine code

10 – This is a series from PS4 FAT, now there are 20 for PS4 SLIM and 70 for PS4 PRO

06 – Is the region of Indonesia (00: JPN, 01: USA, 03: UK etc.)

SKU Region for PS4 machine

00 – Japan (JP)

01/15 – US, Canada (North America) (US)

02 – Australia / New Zealand (Oceania) (AU)

03 – U.K. / Ireland (UK)

04 – Europe / Middle East / Africa (EU)

05 – Korea (South Korea) (KR)

06 – Southeast Asia (Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore / Thailand)

18 – Hong Kong (SA) or Indonesia (game bundle)

07 – Taiwan (TW)

08 – Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia (RU)

09- Mainland China (CN)

10 – Unreleased

11/14 – Mexico, Central America, South America (mx)

For some PS4 Special Editions, check the CUH list here –

– Region on PSN / DLC ID

If you don’t know what ID is my region, because you got ID from the previous buyer, you can actually check it by going to the PSN Store on PS4, then try checking one of the games, see the currency used, for example “$” is a sign Reg 1 if “Rp” means Reg 3, if “€” means Reg 2, and “¥” Japanese CERO.

Actually, the Region on this ID has an effect on the game content available on the PSN Store as well as the DLC that we can use in the game.

DLC (Downloadable Content) itself is an additional content in a game, DLC can be in the form of costumes, weapons, accessories or it could be an additional story. When we buy a game, we try to have the same region between the Blu-ray cassette and ID in order to make it easier to claim the DLC code, even though it doesn’t really matter if we have multiple IDs with different regions.

– Region At Games

First of all, the region does not affect the content of the game we are going to play, all regions are the same as the game content, but what distinguishes only the default book, manual that is in the Blu-ray box.

If the game we are playing is an Online game then this affects which server we are connected to, according to the region of the cassette we buy, for example we buy region 3 Asia, then the server is in Singapore, if the US region it will be connected to the US server, of course this will affect the result of the ping. However, this is still ambiguous because we do not know for sure whether it is true which server it is currently connected to.

Additional from friends:

  • For servers, it doesn’t affect which region to enter at all. There are servers based on the Game Region, like the previous PES, PES entered Europe & US while WE entered Asia.
  • But most games now matchmaking is based on IP, like Rainbow Six will automatically enter the seas region. There are also those who provide a server browser like Battlefield, so that players are free to choose to play on any server.
  • But until now there are a small number of games with such a system. I just don’t know for sure what game. Usually Japanese games are like that. Yesterday I heard a rumor that GTA Online’s Japanese Sever is different from Worldwide. But I can’t be sure if the myth is true or not, I’ll ask the Japanese to verify it first haha

So, for example, we buy a PS4 blue-ray cassette which is Region 1, a sign that we are buying from another distribution area, so sometimes the price from region 1 is more expensive than region 3 or vice versa.

So in conclusion, because PS4 is not a LOCK region like Nintendo, so the problem of this region is not too important, only related to DLC claims and the content on the PSN Store. Region only affects the PSN code (physical wallet code or game code / dlc code)

Hopefully this information which turns out to be not short can be useful for friends who have just chosen PS4. If there is something wrong I can be corrected, if there are still confused you can ask me or other members. Thanks.

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