PlayStation One Games That Playable on Vita

The first generation PlayStation (PS1) may be dead and replaced by a newer generation. However, the games that were released for the console still have many memories. Maybe some still want to be played back.

Relax, there are many ways to play PS1 games, one of which is by using the PS Vita handheld console. You just have to buy the game on the PlayStation Store using a PSN account. What are some cool games from PS1 that you can play back on PS Vita?

  1. Adventure again with Tomba

You can play this pink-haired character anywhere using PS Vita. Even though it’s not as famous as the Mario Bros. series. from the Nintendo platform, the game Tomba was still quite fun to play at the time. Moreover, with the many additional missions that are always exasperating.

  1. Maybe the characters in the Suikoden II game used to be incomplete

Fans of the Role-Playing Game (RPG) genre certainly don’t miss this one game when PS1 is still victorious in the market. Game Suikoden II brings a lot of interesting gameplay that was not yet used in many games: a large number of characters, building empires, as well as a number of exciting mini games. This game can be purchased at PlayStation Store!


  1. Return to the fields in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Maybe this is not the first Harvest Moon game, but you could say this is the best series. This time, you can bring your fields and cattle anywhere with PS Vita. There should be no more pretentious reasons to invite people back to reminisce with the fields left by grandfather in this game.

  1. Play back the game Herc’s Adventures with your friends

Of the many games about Hercules characters that have ever existed, Herc’s Adventure is one of the most recommended. This action-adventure genre game has a vast map and three main characters that can be played. If your friend really has PS Vita and this game too, you can play both of them.

  1. There is no best car war game, other than Twisted Metal

One more game that can be played together with friends. Twisted Metal game brings interesting gameplay from battles with cars and tanks. This is like Baloon Fight mode in Mario Kart games, but with a darker appearance.

  1. Chrono Cross is one of the top RPGs on PS1

This game is also one of the mandatory RPGs played on PS1. This game release company Square game has a storyline and complexity that you can’t play for a while. There is no harm in trying to solve the puzzle in this game again with PS Vita.

  1. Legend of Mana

Want to fill in another RPG in your PS Vita memory? Legend of Mana game can be an interesting choice. This game is part of the Mana Mana Square series. This game has a long story with many side quests as well. So, buying it back will also provide an interesting experience to reminisce.

If you choose from a variety of collections available, which game would you like to play back on PS Vita to reminisce?

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