Pandemic Board Game Trends After Corona Virus

The Matthew Leacock-designed board game launched a few years ago during the SARS pandemic went viral again. The board game predicted the events of the epidemic that occurred today. The board game was then used by medical personnel and medical students as a learning medium. The board name itself is Pandemic.

The board game shows that cooperation is needed to prevent a global pandemic that has no end, like what happened in 2020. Matthew Leacock, the creator of the board game, says disease is the perfect opponent for humans.

Pandemics, diseases, and viruses are used as models in the board game he created in order to show the cruel side of disease. Matthew Leacock seems to want to say that lessons for dealing with certain conditions are never taught in any school.

However, the board game provides lessons on how to work together and communicate well even when under stress. He said that the board game he created had been used as teaching material by a university. In his board game, the virus is depicted as a red cube, while the spread of the virus is determined by a picture card.

The way to win the game is to strengthen cooperation. It is the same way of winning the war against the corona virus pandemic. Global leaders must work together to enforce lockdown policies and find remedies.

Utilization of the board game began in Atlanta, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, people there playing the board game by slowing the rate at which the virus spreads and saving lives.

Sherline Lee, an epidemiologist who works in the real world at the organization has even written an article containing a board game created by Matthew Leacock. Sherline praised Matthew Leacock’s work because the board game succeeded in reflecting the real world conditions today by inserting values ‚Äč‚Äčabout public health. Apart from the SARS outbreak that hit in 2002, Matthew Leacock was inspired by his wife when he made the game.

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