Optimize Your Settings While Playing a Game

Have old school hardware but want to play the latest games? How come! Follow these 5 graphics settings tips!

Over time, various games have become increasingly heavy and require the latest and most sophisticated hardware. As a result this will certainly be a burden for those of you who may not have more fortune to upgrade either your computer or smartphone. But, even if you don’t upgrade your hardware, there is still a way to run the game you want. How? Here are 5 graphic settings that you must know so that the game will be smoothly smooth!

  1. Shadow

This one graphics settings might be arguably the most graphic setting that weighs on your hardware. By turning on this setting, the characters in the game have a shadow. In high settings, the game will display super fine shadows so that your game looks real.

If you want your game to be smoother, try to set this setting to low or off if it’s available. Without this setting alone, the performance of your game might have increased by 15 to 20 frames per second.

  1. Anti Alias

Anti-alias settings will usually soften the images in your game. By turning on this setting, the edges of your character image become smoother and look more real. But this setting is included in other graphics settings that burden your hardware.

In order to play more smoothly you can change this setting to off or maybe you can also choose the linear option in certain game settings.

  1. Texture Quality

This arrangement makes the quality of your game’s character texture smoother and smoother. For example, through high texture settings make the texture of wrinkles, or cloth blown by the wind looks very real, as well as for wall cracks, even the texture of road asphalt. You can lower this setting to the lowest that is with the low setting.

But you have to know, when it’s set to low, you might be a little uncomfortable playing the game. If it is set low, the streets, clothes, land, will not be detailed and look cracked. This setting can still be set in the medium settings, so that the object still looks pretty good, but it doesn’t overload the work of the hardware.

  1. Dynamic Reflections

If you see a reflection of light that feels very real whether on an object of a building, car, or water in the game, it comes from the graphics settings of this one. With Dynamic Reflection, the reflection of light on these objects looks very real and can even change according to your perspective.

But if you want your game to be smoother, you can set this setting to low. Indeed, the building objects in the game have no reflection and look like cartoons. But if your PC is not strong, maybe this is indeed the only choice.

  1. Particle Effect

This graphic arrangement is responsible for making the game more real through small details inside an object. This arrangement is usually responsible for effecting sparks, explosions, the effects of dust when there is wind, the aura of a character, or that makes the effect of a skill more excited.

Even though it seems trivial and just a little detail, in fact this graphic arrangement is enough to make your hardware work become burdened. For this setting you should just slide the left flat to low. Because even with a medium setting, this graphics setting still burdens the work of the hardware especially if you are still using the old version of hardware.

Well, that was some graphic arrangement that you must know. If you set the five settings to be lower, surely you can still play the latest games with hardware that doesn’t update. But, of course with a compromise, that is, graphics that are somewhat worse than the default settings.

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