Optimize Phone Battery While Playing Games

Do you like being annoyed because cellphones drop easily when you’re busy playing? Or again the excitement of ranking suddenly the HP becomes heavy due to lowbat?

Maybe you can listen to tips for saving battery life especially when playing online games. These tips are guaranteed to work 100% to save your smartphone battery.

Activate battery saving mode

How to save battery while playing the first game that you can try is to activate the battery saving mode. This method does not require additional applications to activate battery saver mode or power saver mode.

Almost all smartphones have this feature including the iPhone. So the smartphone you are using should also have this feature.

Of course to activate this feature every smartphone has a difference. But you can try to enter the Settings menu -> select Battery menu -> then select Power Save Mode.

Select the game graphic settings to low mode

The next step that you can try to save battery is to choose medium or low quality graphics settings for the game you are playing.

Of course this will make the fun of playing the game a little less especially if you play games with HD graphics such as Ahspalt 8 or PUBG.

But this can be done to support the performance of your HP battery so it is lighter. In addition, some games provide medium settings if the player feels the setting is too low low.

So medium graphic settings can be an option that can be used as a win-win solution if you are reluctant to choose a low resolution image.

Activate Flight Mode when playing

Not many people know this trick and you can apply it when you’re in a push rank or catch up quickly when playing games.

You can use flight mode plus Wi-Fi (if you are playing online games on your cellphone) because it can save battery. The reason you will not receive sms or phone calls.

Activating the Flight Mode feature is the same as blocking your cellular network. And you should know that the ups and downs of the signal / internet network is quite influential on battery life.

Close the active application

The next tip, you can try to stop or close all currently open applications. But these tips do not apply to iPhone users because the smartphone is indeed designing applications that are not closed, do not work normally.

iPhone has a different algorithm from Android. But if your smartphone is Android, this method is certainly very influential. When you do not close applications that are running, Android will work on those applications.

So that battery and data consumption becomes more wasteful.

Lower the screen brightness as needed

The use of light that is not too bright can make your mobile battery last longer.

Indeed, the maximum brightness on the HP screen will make you feel more comfortable. But this makes your HP battery work harder and run out quickly.

The solution you can try is to play in a bright and well-lit place. So when you lower the lighting level, you can still play the game comfortably on a smartphone.

Turn off vibrate mode

Another trick you can try is to turn off vibrate mode. But these tips do not need you to do if you already use Flight Mode when playing games.

You can try this trick while playing a game while waiting for someone’s phone call. And you should turn off vibrations on your cellphone.

In addition you can also turn off vibrations if in the game you play there is a vibrating effect. This method can save 10-15% of the battery after turning off the vibration.

Use the Greenify application

A way to save battery while playing online games that you can try is to use the Greenify application.

Well, this last way maybe you think is a bit complicated, guys, because you have to install the application first. This method is rather complicated because you have to install the application first.

But if you already use this application, your smartphone is guaranteed to be more efficient. There are various power saving modes that you can choose from. Ranging from light settings to hardcore!

That’s 7 ways to save battery when playing games that you can try. This method is effective so that smartphones can play games for a long time. Interested to try it?

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