Optimize Android For Gaming Purpose

Inevitably, video games have become the most fun and inexpensive pastime leisure-time entertainment. Various devices are created for today’s video games, especially for Android devices. Not infrequently some video games require high-specification Android devices, which sometimes make Android devices actually decline in performance when used to play games. Well, 3 powerful applications below will maximize the performance of your Android while playing games.


GLTools is a tool to help run a game application that is having problems on certain devices because the GPU is not compatible with the game, like Chainfire3d. In use, GLtools can change the name of your device’s GPU to make it possible to play games on your Android device.


Greenify is an application that is useful for hibernating applications that feel disturbing or not used. The use of Greenify has an impact on the use of more free RAM, battery savings, and even when we play games that are greedy for RAM it will be smooth because of the savings in RAM.

No-frills CPU Control

Frequent overclock? You can use the No-frills CPU Control application. This application that can be used to maximize Android can adjust the CPU speed of your Android smartphone beyond normal speed if your smartphone supports the overclocking feature. (Read the article: Smartphone Battery Wasteful After Overclock? This Is The Solution)

In addition to overclocking, No-frills CPU Control can also be used to reduce the speed (undercloking) of the CPU below normal speed which results in a decrease in temperature and longer battery usage. However, underclocking will cause a decrease in the performance of your Android phone due to a decrease in CPU speed. So use it as wisely as possible.

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