Natsume Release Harvest Moon: One World on March 2, 2021

The name Harvest Moon is no longer as cute as it was in the past, especially in the golden era of the first Playstation. The concept of farming and breeding life simulation has indeed succeeded in stealing hearts through the simple Back to Nature series and it is not difficult to make many gamers fall in love with it from the first sight. The absence of the old developer who is now handling the Story of Seasons series which continues to achieve success is one of the sources of Harvest Moon’s problems as a brand today. However, he did not prevent Natsume from continuing to exploit him.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Natsume, who still holds the rights to this name, continues to try to produce new series which, in terms of quality, end up being offered. The bad news? They don’t stop easily. Following the previous announcement, they finally showed off the gameplay for the new series – Harvest Moon: One World.

A video with a duration of 1 minute 20 seconds was released to show what kind of experience you can anticipate from Harvest Moon: One World, which tries to expand the variety of activities you can take.

We’re talking about the choice of male and female characters that you can marry, pets that now also involve several exotic variants, and a world that is divided into several different terrains. Interestingly, gamers also seem to have the ability to instantly move their entire farm to a new location and have to find new seeds with exploration action.

Harvest Moon: One World itself is planned to be released on March 2, 2021 for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. What do you think? Looks like a fun Harvest Moon series?

Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Is the Harvest Moon series still worth anticipating? Most of you who may have known his name from Back to Nature which was so phenomenal in the past will probably come up with a surprising answer – No. Why? Because Harvest Moon today is nothing more than a name that has lost the teams that were responsible for its success in the past. It is a name that is the trademark of Natsume, a company that is only responsible for being a publisher and not a developer. The too big name finally encouraged Natsume to concoct their own Harvest Moon, including a new series that was being planned.

Welcoming the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Natsume officially introduced the latest Harvest Moon series – Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for the current generation platform. You will play a character who is stranded in a small town after a storm hits the ship you were traveling on. Seeing the city’s critical condition, you are called to help rebuild and save an iconic lighthouse there. CEO Natsume – Hiro Maekawa claims that this series will come with a clearer mission, a rich story, and its own depth of gameplay.

Which is interesting? Instead of following modern game trends that try to look as realistic as possible, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope wants to offer classic visual quality in the style of the Super Nintendo series in the past. Not only from the visual side, but also through the characters and events they mention, it will feel the same meaning.

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