Making a Game Without Coding Guide

Do you want to make games but don’t understand programming languages? No need to be discouraged, because now there are many applications that can help you create games independently even without having coding skills.

Indeed, you won’t be able to create high-complexity games like Final Fantasy XV. But at least through the various applications below, you can work on a “pilot” game project simply by preparing your own graphic and sound assets.

Who knows, this side project could be a small leap prototype before plunging into the real video game industry. Good luck.

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio is one of the most popular visual novel applications today. With TyranoBuilder, making visual novels is as easy as drag and drop assets and text on the screen, just like composing a presentation slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. Because it doesn’t need a coding process, you can focus on making the story as good as possible.

Although it can only be used with drag and drop, TyranoBuilder also provides a scripting feature called TyranoScript for advanced users. You can compile and release your visual novel on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and a web browser that supports HTML5.


If you want to make games that are fun but not too complicated, Construct is the right choice. Construct is a game-making application that specifically focuses on 2D games, such as platformers, puzzles, or shooters. You can manage all objects and behavior on the screen with an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface.

The main advantage of Construct compared to other applications is that you can use it for free for non-commercial purposes. But if you want to make a game for sale, you have to pay a license depending on how much profit you get.

As of February 2018, Construct has entered the third version with several new updates to expand the creativity of its users.

GG Maker

GG Maker is suitable for those of you who have never done coding before, but want to be able to coding someday. This application can help you make a variety of games, ranging from simple platformers, to complex 3D RPGs. All the behavior of objects on the screen can you set using a sophisticated visual editor, according to the design of the game you want.

An interesting feature in GG Maker is a tool called Graphically Assisted Scripting. With this feature, the logic that usually must be typed in a programming language can be implemented visually in the form of a flow diagram. Mastery of logic in Graphically Assisted Scripting will help you understand how real coding works.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Similar to GG Maker, Clickteam Fusion also provides a drag and drop editor for creating 2D or 3D games. If GG Maker uses flow charts for logic implementation, Clickteam Fusion has a frame-by-frame event editor feature like making animation with Adobe Flash.

Clickteam Fusion has been widely used to make popular commercial games, for example Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Escapists, and Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. There is also a free version of Clickteam Fusion with limited features for you to try.

RPG Maker MV

Continuing the RPG Maker series which is over twenty years old, Enterbrain again invited us to make our own 2D RPG through the MV RPG Maker. No matter whether you are a beginner who is a fad, or a professional developer who wants to make an RPG with an epic story, the RPG Maker MV can meet your needs.

This latest version of RPG Maker presents Side View Battle features like the Final Fantasy SNES era series. Visual appearance was overhauled, with larger sprite sizes and HD resolution support.

There are also sprite editors and illustrations, so you can make an RPG whole without drawing any assets. But for a more unique and attractive appearance, you are still advised to make your own assets.


GameSalad is claimed to be the best game-making program without coding with output support ranging from iOS, Android, to HTML5-based web games. What makes GameSalad stand out is the number of programming attributes without its diverse code. Through the existence of this attribute, you can adjust the behavior of your game using a simple drag-and-drop method.

With a variety of conveniences offered, GameSalad is suitable for use as a platform to learn the concepts of game programming, game design, and so on.

GameSalad is claimed to have been used by thousands of programmers who have released their respective games independently on the mobile platform. As for some mobile games that are done using the GameSalad program, there are Get_Fiquette, Mazes of Karradash, and others.

GameMaker Studio 2

Similar to GameSalad, GameMaker 2 offers a concise process of making mobile games using a drag-and-drop interface design system. GameMaker is specifically designed so that novice programmers can make games without the need to learn a variety of complex programming languages.

Not only that, the program also features a toolset for animation needs, creating image assets, and tiling levels, thus facilitating all your needs in completing the game.

If you are challenged to start the coding learning process, you can even edit the code that GameMaker has provided to better understand the ins and outs of basic game programming. By using the workflow flow of GameMaker Studio 2 development, you can export your creation directly to the Windows desktop, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Android TV, HTML5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Some well-known indie games that take advantage of the GameMaker Studio tools include Hyper Light Drifter, Crashlands, and Spelunky.


Stencyl was originally a program for making Flash-format games that were popular in the 2000s, before being threatened with extinction by the existence of HTML5. However, a simple game-based toolset for network node installation is still used by some programmers as a platform for creating simple works without the need to understand complex codes.

The output of the game that you produced through Stencyl can be exported as a lightweight desktop game with Adobe AIR support. You can even export it to iOS and Android.


GDevelop is an open-source tool that allows you to create games more simply. What makes GDevelop unique and easy to use is the Events feature, which is a special panel for displaying game logic that you create in real-time without the need to learn programming languages.

Just like some of the platforms above, the flexible GDevelop architecture allows you to choose the platform of your game, starting from HTML5 that can be played in web browsers to iOS and Android.


Of the many toolset choices for creating games without coding on this list, Buildbox is my favorite choice thanks to the interface design that feels more intuitive. To make it easier for novice programmers, Buildbox introduces a radial drag-and-drop feature that further clarifies the flow of asset installation into the game.

This program can create a variety of 2D games that you choose from a variety of different genre categories. The Buildbox also allows you to compile the most unique gameplay by editing and combining various presets that have been provided.

In addition, you are also given access to an asset gallery where you can choose thousands of images, music and sound effects to brush up on the final results of your games.

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