Hi guys!

I am so happy that I can finally continue to make a website (I dunno if website is the right word for this). I want to write something useful for anyone that might take a glance looking into my site. I will write many things about the art of video game. What is this art anyway?

There are many applications recently. Many of them were built because there are many problems. They will come into solutions. Some people might do not know that behind the applications there are many codes to made and maybe countless people behind of those creations. It also applies to video games. I will try to reveal the “behind of scenes” of video game. How they made and what are they looks like when they are published. So that people know that the game is not only for playing, it also about knowing inside out.

I hope that you or someone can entertain yourself with my writing. You can bookmark this site for future reading. Thank you for visiting my site!

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