Get Rid of Annoying Sweaty Hands

Sweating hands when playing console games is very annoying. Because, it will make the controller become wet and slippery. As a result, it will make us difficult to control the game.

Reporting from the Nivea website, sweat usually can arise because it is caused by various factors, such as stress. Too heavy in thinking when playing is not good. Because the game itself was created as a means of entertainment. Therefore, avoid trying to think too heavily, especially to cause anxiety that can increase the production of sweat.

According to the Sweat Block page, in addition to anxiety and emotional stress, sweaty hands can also be caused by the presence of innate genes, hormones, hot rooms, the influence of drugs and others. But do not worry, there are several ways you can do to overcome sweaty hands when playing console games.

Here are tips and tricks that can be done to prevent sweaty hands when we are playing games with the controller.

1. Sprinkle the Powder in the Palm
The first tip that is very easy to do is sprinkle powder in the palm of your hand before you start playing the game with the controller. Use enough, then rub evenly. This aims to keep your hands dry, not moist and wet while playing games.

2. GamerGrip
GamerGrip is one of the recommended liquid products to keep your hands dry for several hours after use. This product is said to have been reviewed and used by a number of eSport level players or active players who often create content on Youtube / Twich.

3. Additional fan on the controller
An additional fan-mounted device that can be mounted on this controller might be an alternative to avoid sweating on your palms. But the thing to remember is this tool is likely to make a machine noise that is a little annoying and not very effective for some people.

4. Use gloves
Reducing the amount of sweat on your hands may not be possible, but wearing gloves can prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the controller. That way, gloves can be another option to prevent the controller from being slippery so you avoid the trouble of controlling the game.

5. Improve diet
Irregular eating patterns can be one of the reasons you always sweat when playing games or holding an item for too long. Therefore, a good diet is said to maintain your body’s metabolism. Also, make sure the intake you receive comes from eating foods that are good too.

Those are some tips that you can try to prevent sweaty hands. Good luck!

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