Games Can Help to Stimulate Brain Intelligence.

According to the latest research, playing games can improve brain intelligence. According to a Business Insider alert, from the results of a study published in Nature, researchers from the University of China breast of Electronic Science and Technology at Macquarie University in Australia recently found a correlation between playing video game genre action and an increase in brain volume.

The researchers focused on the insular cortex, the part of the cerebral cortex that folds deep in the brain and has long been the subject of several studies to date.

It is thought that most linguistic processing takes place in this region of the brain, while other processes related to taste and smell, compassion and empathy, and interpersonal experiences are also managed in that part of the brain.

Before reaching a conclusion, the researchers involved 27 Action Video Game (AVG) experts who had participated in the League of Legends and Dota 2 national championships. In addition, they also worked with 30 amateur players who were rarely and not very proficient in the game.

Using an MRI scanner, the scientists took detailed photographs of participants’ insular cortex. As a result, professional gamers have increased functional connectivity and brain volume in their insular subregions.

“Dungeon comparing AVG experts and amateurs, we found that AVG experts have increased functional connectivity and volume of gray matter in the insular subregional,” the research team wrote.

Gray matter in the brain is part of the central nervous system and basically controls all brain functions. Therefore, better connectivity in this area will lead to faster thinking processes and higher intelligence.

Therefore, researchers argue that the increase in cognitive intelligence of the brain can be stimulated by the game, but with a certain time. Sports and art activities can also help to stimulate brain intelligence.

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