Game Pad on Mobile Games

What is a Gamepad? If interpreted freely, gamepad is a handheld device that has buttons and levers to control video games.

Generally, gamepad better known as joystick or stick only. Often hear the term PS stick, right? Well, that’s more or less what is meant by a gamepad. Indeed, gamepad is always identified with game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, but as technology develops, gamepad can now also be used to play games on Android devices.

Play an Android game, don’t you just touch the screen? Right friend, all Android games circulating on the Play Store can certainly be played with a touch screen. However, it turns out there are also many Android games that are more fun to play using a gamepad. How fun?

The sensation is different friend, pressing the physical button on the gamepad> tapping the virtual button on the touch screen. In addition, moving the analog lever on gamepad> analog swipe on the touch screen. For those of you who often play PS games (use sticks), you understand.

In addition, a number of Android games ported from other platforms (including emulators such as PPSSPP or ePSXe) turned out to be difficult to play with a touch screen, considering that these games were designed to be played with physical buttons and levers like those found in a gamepad. Then how do you know if a game can be played using a gamepad or not?

Read Game Descriptions on the Play Store

Unfortunately there is currently no list of Android games that support gamepad in the Play Store, so it’s not easy to know whether or not a game is played with a gamepad. The way I usually do is read the game’s description in the Play Store. For example, the game Rush Rally 2 and GTA: Vice City below.

Rush Rally 2 and GTA: Vice City

There it is written that the two games support a game controller or gamepad, both wired (USB) or wireless (bluetooth). Indeed accurate, but yes, not all Android users are diligent in reading the description.

Search With Special Keyword

Another way is to search the Play Store with the keyword “gamepad supported games”, quite effective, friend, but sometimes a game that can’t be played with a gamepad appears in the search results.

Check the List of Android Games that Support Gamepad Below

Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9, Riptide GP 2, Riptide GP Renegade, Modern Combat 5, Angry Birds Go, Beach Buggy Racing, GT Racing 2, Real Racing 3, Shadow Fight 3, Shadowgun Legends, and others. Loh, just that much?


Relax, friend, there are still many, because the list is quite long, please immediately check the collection of free Android games with gamepad support, and also a list of premium Android games (paid) that can be played using a stick from the AppAgg website. Both lists were compiled by a redditor named Samvest and are still being updated to date.

Gamepad Games Link

As an alternative, we can also use the Gamepad Games Link application. The application made by Real Play Studio presents a list of Android games (both free and paid) that can be played with the game controller, complete with its Play Store link.

Well, now it’s not confused anymore, right looking for any game that supports gamepad? It is not possible in the future Google will make a special marker to make it easier for us to find games with gamepad support in the Play Store, we’ll wait, friend. good luck

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