Chinese Polices Arrest Online Game Cheat Maker Syndicate

Although it is difficult to accept with reason, it must be admitted, there are not a few gamers out there who feel that using cheats when playing competitive online games is something that is commonplace and fun. This one situation is of course detrimental to other gamers who play sportsmanship and the developer / publisher, because the competitive atmosphere is not fun which could make new gamers reluctant to join. Various attempts were made, from formulating a better anti-cheat system to a more active tire system. For the Chinese Government? More serious steps must be taken.

Tencent and the Chinese police managed to secure an online game cheat-making syndicate from Kunshan with about 10 members. This syndicate has prepared cheats for games like Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile with subscription-based products at a cost of USD 10 per day to USD 200 per month. This is the largest syndicate that the Chinese police have uncovered and arrested.

How big? This cheat-making syndicate is believed to have earned around USD 76 million in revenue during its work! At the time of the raid, Chinese police found assets worth USD 46 million, including several luxury cars on board. The syndicate’s customers do not only come from Chinese gamers, but also from hundreds of other countries and regions. The Chinese police also claimed to have destroyed at least 17 types of cheats developed by this one gang.

There is no information yet whether there is still another online game cheat-making syndicate that is bigger than this Kushan syndicate. Will we see a decline in the use of cheats from the Chinese region in the near future? We’ll just wait.

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