Better Card Games Than Electronic Games

Nowadays, sophisticated electronic games are mushrooming. But in the midst of the outbreak of electronic games, card games still ogled as a game that can drive fatigue and sharpen the brain. The play equipment made of thick paper or semi-plastic paper is still quite interesting not only among middle or high school students, but also at the student level.

At that time, the lecture hours were empty and there was one of my best friends who brought a UNO card. I was invited to play, but because I was not familiar with this game, I shook my head with the excuse that my stomach was very rumbling. Hehe. I went out to the canteen for a while and bought some snacks. When I returned to class, there was already a group of my friends who sat cross-legged in a circle while holding their respective section cards. I just sat watching them. It looks really exciting. Then I said, “Beware there will be mistaken lecturers later gambling”. Suddenly my friends were chuckled at the innocent statements of people like me. “Impossible”, they say compact.

Then something crossed my mind. It turned out that the card game wasn’t just playing or playing poker that I used to play as a child in my village. I then explored “Mbah Google” which he said was all-round. According to my understanding of the results of the exploration, there are many types of popular card games that appear in various countries, such as bridge cards and UNO cards. Bridge cards are commonly said to be playing cards among the general public. Playing cards are often used to play playing cards themselves, truffs, poker, magic games, or sharpening patience by making miniature houses from these cards. There are 52 playing cards, divided into two black and red colors and four types of images. There are leaves, curls, diamonds, and hearts.

It is a UNO card played by my friends. The card that means “one” is a card game that has existed since 1971, created by Merle Robbins. In the 80s, the UNO game entered Indonesia and quite attracted many enthusiasts. However, playing cards in Indonesia seem to get a negative stigma by Indonesian people because these playing cards are used for gambling. Children are forbidden to play this bridge card. Even if used without any gambling elements this card game has a positive side, like

Able to establish intimacy with peers. Likewise if it is played with the family, the closeness or familiarity between children and family becomes tighter. Sharpen cognitive abilities or skills. In a way, the card game is competitive so it requires more thinking power to determine the game strategy in order to win the game. Playing UNO in addition to entertainment can also train the right brain and left brain, as well as concentration and memory.

Indeed, UNO is a card game that requires tactics and is more complicated than just a bridge card game. Even in card games like UNO it turns out that if examined further there is relevance or has a philosophical basis for human life.

Then, the great fact about this UNO is that it can be applied as parenting children in the family. As some of the benefits points above, if implemented in a parenting system, you can give some indirect advice that can be given in the middle of a game such as if you lose, don’t cry. But soon let’s try again, change strategy and be vigilant. If you win, don’t be arrogant, because the conditions can be reversed quickly.

Now, of all that, teaches us that a joy can be obtained for free, hehe. Namely by playing with friends or relatives. Instead of being alone and busy with gadgets. Playing with friends or relatives can bring loose laughter and screams of excitement that make plong. Very much more enjoyable than the excitement that we get when playing games on the gadget alone.

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