Bang & Olufsen Will Collaborate with Xbox, Targeting High-End User

Without being surprised, this B&O gaming product is said to be targeting the high-end segment, focusing on aspects of sound quality, design, and craftsmanship. The timing must have been calculated; This new product should be sliding along with the Xbox Series X.

This direct collaboration with Xbox will eventually lead to the “Designed for Xbox” label, which we can basically see as a guarantee of seamless compatibility and connectivity, as well as a better usage experience.

At first I suspected the device that was worked on was a soundbar, but later in the press release, Matt Kesselring as Head of Hardware Partnerships Xbox alluded to a device that is ready to “accompany players wherever they go”. Wireless headset? It seems so.

B&O is quite enthusiastic about the gaming device market, which they say has continued to grow significantly in recent years. But what may be the question is, why should partner with Xbox?

B&O only said that Xbox is the ideal partner to realize its huge potential in the gaming industry. But if I may guess, the reason is so that their products can be more ogled by consumers. A product that is too expensive might be overlooked, and this is where its partnership with Xbox will help.

By carrying out the label “Designed for Xbox”, this B&O gaming audio device will seem like a first-party product, and it should be more inviting. This is important considering that the B&O targets the high-end segment, which in itself is certainly not as busy as the segments below it.

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