6 Affordable Bluetooth Controllers for Smartphone

A true gamer may not only play games on a PC or game console, but also games that are on a personal device. It reflects on the ability of smartphones to play mobile games with high specifications thanks to the processor and graphics chip that is qualified.

Even so, playing games on gadgets, especially smartphones, sometimes feels uncomfortable because some games often do not work well when the screen gets too much touch.

In addition, the screen on a smartphone is not too big like playing on a PC or game console which causes access to a number of buttons on the screen feels cramped. Therefore, currently a number of electronic goods manufacturers have made gamepad or joystick controllers as additional accessories that can be used to support the needs of playing games on personal smartphones.

This controller can later be used primarily for racing games such as Ashpalt and strategy simulation games including Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA, Mobile Legends, and PUBG. Sold at a pretty cheap price, this controller is usually already equipped with a Bluetooth connection that is only compatible with Android devices.

1. Mad Catz C.T.R.L.

Having a solid body, this device is called inspired by the Xbox 360 controller. The layout of the button is almost similar to the controller on the Xbox. Equipped with two joysticks at the top and bottom, this controller also presents a d-pad and buttons A, B, X, Y, each located in the lower left and upper right.

Interestingly, in addition to the need to play games, C.T.R.L. It has other functions that are compatible with Android devices. Like “mouse mode” which functions as a cursor on the screen to direct access on Android devices. Then, this controller can also be used to play on PC devices.

AA battery powered, Mad Catz C.T.R.L. so-called can be used to play games for more than 40 hours non-stop. This device is available in several colors and is priced at $30 in e-commerce.

2. 8Bitdo SF30 Pro

8BitDo has a distinctive look and shape like a Nintendo game console controller that is SNES. Even so, this device has more modern features than the inspiration, but the SF30 is equipped with two joysticks on the underside of the device.

Despite having a rather small size, this device has also been equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to connect it to an Android device. This retro-style controller can be bought for $41.

3. 8Bitdo Zero Wireless

8BitDo this time offers a controller with a smaller size but with an access button that is still fairly complete. Having the name Zero, does not mean it is not feasible, but instead a device that is only priced at $ 16 this could be the right choice.

Although only measuring 6.7 x 1.4 inches, Zero wireless is equipped with a d-pad, 4 buttons (A B X Y), two access buttons and a bumper button. In addition, this device also has a built-in battery that can be recharged with a microUSB cable.

4. Xiaomi Mi Game Controller

Known as a smartphone manufacturer, but it turns out that Xiaomi also manufactures controllers as accessory devices for its manufactured smartphone products. Has a button layout that is also similar to the Xbox, Xiaomi Mi Game is equipped with two joysticks, d-pad, action buttons, Android buttons, and bumpers.

In addition, this device has a feature that can save power namely the automatic standby mode, which makes the device automatically turn off after 5 minutes of use. Not only for smartphones, this $24 device can also function as an Android TV controller.

5. Moga Hero Power

Moga Hero Power is another controller device that also has a similar shape to the Xbox game console controllers. Even so, this device is somewhat unique because it has a holder that can be used to support the smartphone and make it easier for gamers when playing games.

Equipped with two asymmetrical joysticks, d-pad, A B X Y button, rear bumper and Android access button, this device has been supported with a rechargeable implant battery. Moga Hero Power is priced at $20 at online stores.

6. Rotor Riot USB-C Controller

Riot rotors can be another option for those of you who use Android devices with USB Type-C connectivity. Because, this controller is not supported by Bluetooth, but USB Type-C as the connector.

Therefore, this device is also not powered by additional power both from AA batteries and planting batteries. This is because the Riot Rotor is powered from the power of your Android device. Equipped with features and buttons that are fairly complete like other controllers, this device is available in online stores with prices starting at $30.

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